Anticipate and get ready to the post-Covid19

Anticipate and get ready to the post-Covid19

  • By Global Travel Team

  • 18th March 2020

In this period of global health crisis, Global Analytica and Global Travel join forces to offer you an original and exclusive service.

We offer a personalized business intelligence service, corresponding to your needs. Our goal: help you to anticipate, assess, understand, analyze… but most of all prepare you to the post-Covid-19 world and economy.

For €500/month only, you receive:

– A personalized monitoring service (by email or by SMS / Whatsapp) on the evolutions of the situation according to the region of your choice.

– The organization of your next trip (tailor-made, adapted to the current crisis conditions)

To give you an example of what we recently did with this service.

A client of the Global Group had planned various trips around the world from March 15th, 2020. In view of the evolution of the situation, our experts warned the client in time and offered him various options. Within a few hours, he was on a plane. An exceptional trip could be organized, in the best conditions, ensuring minimal risk taking. He arrived at his final destination. 10 hours later, the border of the country had already closed.

To be able to quickly benefit from this offer, which can be set up within 48 hours, write us

You’ll be rapidly put in touch with our experts in order to build a tailor-made solution for you.