Global Travel on the frontline of Covid-19

Global Travel on the frontline of Covid-19

  • By Global Travel Team

  • 2nd April 2020

This pandemic won’t stop us. Coronavirus crisis shall only make us all stronger and united.

As most commercial flights are currently grounded, it’s more and more difficult to transport goods and people around the world (especially between Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia).

We do have a tremendous access to planes and pilots either for repatriation flights or for cargo flights.

Global Travel helps you, your friends, your client to get back home, safe and sound. Global Travel organized in the last weeks the logistic for crucial medical material transfer to Europe, in this time of pandemic. Our planes are available to you.

The strenght of Global Travel : we have a special relationship with planes owners and brokers. As such we have access to more availability than most brokers would have. Also, the relationship between our mother group, Global Group and many governments allow us to negotiate special flights permissions as needed.

Our garantees: fiability, security, safety, insurance, trust and ethics.

The last weeks have been challenging to all of us, every kind of businesses.

We are devoted to help, at our scale and with our special skills, in order to make sure that you can still get home. Or that FFP2 masks can arrive to the buying state. A few days ago a tragic event happened. Masks ordered by France from China were diverted and bought on tarmac by Americans. This kind of event can’t happen with Global Travel and Global Group, as we also insure complete security and safety of the goods.

Don’t forget that at some point, this crisis will be over. Flights will resume. We will still be here to accompany you during these times. In the meantime, stay safe.