TAP Air Portugal and their problematic Business flights

TAP Air Portugal and their problematic Business flights

  • By Global Travel Team

  • 21st January 2020

Highly NOT recommended!

“It is the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

A flight from Bordeaux (France) to Lisbon (Portugal) that simply became a nightmare when you’re used to fly business and with a minimum of good standards. Be ready to pay the price of business to receive everything equal to an economy. And I’ll explain you why.

TAP Airlines DO NOT have common agreements with Bordeaux airport (one of the only company), so TAP passengers can not benefit from the Business lounge, even though they paid for Business !

This is where I had to sit for more than one hour.

But let’s move on. We entered the plane, and as expected Business seats are normal seats, but for such a short route I could understand it. But then, more than twenty minutes after entrance, we are already on the plane to Lisbon, and the staff did not proposed us yet some refreshments, a drink, nothing !

To conclude with TAP Airlines (Air Portugal): you pay business to have normal seats, no lounge, no special service in the airplane, not even a caring staff.

Very problematic to use this company when you’re looking for a real business service.