your exclusive, smart and premiere conciergerie services for your leisure or business trips abroad


With our exclusive conciergierie service, we help you find ways to maximize your travel experience with a unique savoir-faire, experience. Our clients are 100% satisfied, because your time is precious and more valuable than money but, would you say no to saving more and earn exclusive access to VIP services for less ?

You always dreamed of flying in Business Class for the price of Economy? Flying private jets at a fraction of the regular price? Getting VIP access to events and venues? Staying in 5-star hotels for the price of a 4-star hotel?

Our experts can make it happen. This is a tailor-made service you won’t find anywhere else. This a service your regular travel agent will never tell you about, because he does not know about it. We negotiate for you the most amazing prices, offers and free vouchers.

At Global Travel, for special requests, we have the smart minds and the best experts and network for finding the magical solution to your most complex trips.

You did not think it was possible ? We made it real.


Become a member of GLOBAL TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE for $300/year (only $25/month)

Our garantees :

  • 1) Get your offer within 4 business days (please fill out the questionnaire precisely)
  • 2) Get a tailor-made service, responding to your very specific needs and requirements
  • 3) Save at least 10% on your trips on an annual average
  • 4) Get your international SIM card for free, and for a LIFETIME

Your Time Is Precious

Our team specializes in finding the most convenient flights at the best price.

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They chose us, and this is what they got.

  • For a three-weeks safari in Tanzania, the client payed less than $1,500 per person for flying in Business Class from Europe. Economy tickets were more expensive.
  • Our client flew on Lufthansa First Class between the Europe and the US for less than $2,000.
  • Our client by flying Business Class instead of economy, paid $200 less than quotes she received for flying Economy from other venders. This was for flights from Europe to Australia. She stopped in Bangkok. On the way to Sydney, the client even got a free 1-hour massage in between flights.
  • Our clients get upgrades, free breakfast and spa vouchers at 5 stars hotels around the world.
  • Our client saved $4,000 by changing his travel dates by one day.
  • Our client flew to Cameroun from Paris and saved $1,700 for a Business Class.
  • Our client flies on a weekly basis around Europe in Private Jets for less than flying commercial.

your time is precious

Our team specializes in finding the most convenient flights at the best price.

Whether you’re flying domestic or international, we can arrange all your transportation needs at a fraction of the regular cost.

We can even arrange private jets to help you save time.

you deserve the best hotels

Finding the perfect hotel can take time. We help you find it, wherever you’re going.
When you book with us, we will make sure that you get upgrades and extra services.
These include vouchers for the restaurant or the hotel spa.